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Paracel is Now Accredited for Legionella by qPCR

November 14, 2017


Paracel has years of experience in the microbiological testing field.   Already accredited for Legionella by the ISO 11731 culturable method, we have now added the qPCR determination of Legionella to our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation scope.

qPCR, or quantitative polymerase chain reaction, analysis of Legionella spp, including Legionella pneumophila , is a DNA based method with some practical advantages over traditional culturable methods.  qPCR is considered more sensitive with a much faster turnaround time but measures non-viable as well as viable bacteria.  This method is generally reserved for emergency situations where high levels of Legionella have been found in a culturable sample or during a suspected outbreak.  qPCR analysis is also an integral part of the Public Works and Government Services Canada’s Legionella standard, MD 15161 – 2013 Control of Legionella in Mechanical Systems. 

For this analysis, we require a 1 liter sample, received at the lab within 2 days of sampling.  With appropriate notice, results can be available the same day as the samples are submitted.   Please contact you account manager for additional information.